Popular Sandbox Game Sells More Copies Than Original Super Mario Bros.

Popular Sandbox Game Sells More Copies Than Original Super Mario Bros.

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The legendary indie sandbox game Terraria reached an impressive milestone years in the making, officially selling more copies than the original Super Mario Bros. Terraria launched in 2011, and despite its rather humble beginnings, would later redefine an entire genre of video games, becoming one of the most successful indie games of all time.

Hitting Steam in 2011, few indie titles have become quite as successful as Terraria. Tasking players with building, fighting, and crafting, Terraria ushered in a new age for the sandbox genre, immersing players in a colorful 2D world. Over the years, Terraria has been updated and developed further, with the game now featuring over 5,000 unique items and a total of 33 different bosses to slay. While much more action-oriented than other titles in the same genre, Terraria still asks players to let their creativity flourish, providing players with dozens of different blocks and building materials. Terraria garnered a massive following over the years, now reaching a jaw-dropping sales milestone.

Patch 1.4.5 is expect to be a major update for Terraria, and the developers showcased some of its features in their latest State of the Game post.

Developer Re-Logic confirmed Terraria's impressive new...

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