Epic Announces Fortnite is Heading to China

Epic Announces Fortnite is Heading to China

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As if Fortnite wasn't big enough, Epic has just announced that the battle bus is heading for China. According to the post image seen above, "Jonesy's" passport is stamped for April 23rd. It's possible that the game will arrive as early as next week. The announcement has to be a bit worrisome for PUBG Corp since Fortnite's arrival will put it in direct competition (again) with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

The details are pretty sketchy at the moment with only a Twitter post from Epic to make the announcement. However, the news does bring up a number of questions including whether or not Epic is partnering with a local publisher as PUBG has had to do with Tencent.

Fortnite devs recently revealed that the game had made over $25 million dollars in its first month on mobile in its currently available regions. Given China's deep love of mobile gaming, this number could be astronomical when all is said and done.

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