PUBG is nerfing assault rifles

PUBG is nerfing assault rifles

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If you've played PUBG, chances are you've relished in finding an assault rifle - knowing full well that it's your best chance at surviving the Battle Royale. In the upcoming balance patch, posted HERE on Steam, PUBG Corp announced that the infamous AR weapons are receiving a nerf.

If you've ever played a match of PUBG, chances are you know the terrible sinking feeling of not being able to find an assault rifle in the game's opening minutes. The longer you go without one, the less likely it is you're going to get that tasty chicken dinner. In an effort to make more weapons viable for finding that delicious winning recipe, the game will soon level out all weapons in terms of damage to make it so "no one gun will feel objectively better than the others."

The feedback thread on the balance change is over 1500 comments long now, but mostly seems to be people complaining about issues other than this AR change... mission accomplished I guess?

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