Kartridge is Kongregate's 'developer first' game storefront

Kartridge is Kongregate's 'developer first' game storefront

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You may be familiar with Kongregate if you're into indie PC games, or the darling clicker AdVenture Capitalist. Recently, Kongregate was acquired by the Swedish company MTG, and today they're announcing their own publishing platform called Kartridge. With essentially zero barrier to entry, even less than Steam, it'll be interesting to see if this takes off, given the incentives to be an early adopter as a developer.

From the press release:

Designed to be different, Kartridge caters to game developers, giving them maximum control of their store page and price points.  The updated terms now provide developers with additional revenue. 
The updated platform terms entitle developers to 100% of revenue earned on their first $10,000 in sales.  This offer applies on a per-title basis -- developers can take advantage of this revenue bonus for all their titles on the Kartridge platform. Initially announced as a limited-time offer expiring in October '18, the term has now been extended indefinitely after overwhelmingly positive developer feedback. 
Kartridge is also providing an additional revenue-share bonus for exclusive content, also on a per-game basis.  Developers who place their titles exclusively on Kartridge for Windows and MacOS will earn 100% of revenue on their first $10,000, then 90% on their next $40,000.  There are no restrictions on the exclusivity period; developers will have the right to end exclusivity at any time.  This promotion applies to games available for sale exclusively on Kartridge prior to October 31st, 2018.

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