PUBG goes 50 vs 50 in new event mode

PUBG goes 50 vs 50 in new event mode

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Calling all PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fans! Bluehole is hosting another weekend event and it’s shaping up to be a gunslinging good time. From today, players will be able to join forces in an all-new Platoon event mode running throughout the weekend. Say so long to Solos for the weekend and get ready to go big.

Platoon mode will put players in large, 10-man squads combining together into huge 50-man platoons. Contrary to the popular solo and squad-based game modes, Platoon seems to have much more in common with other large-scale shooters, like Battlefield or Arma (minus, you know, all the vehicles).

PUBG has featured a similar mode in the past that was quite popular amongst the community but was shut down quickly after it began. If you’d like to get in on this exciting weekend event, the event runs from 10/18 – 10/21, 7 P.D.T. to 7 P.D.T.

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