Darksiders III - The Crucible arrives for all platforms

Darksiders III - The Crucible arrives for all platforms

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Darksiders III players looking for additional challenging gameplay opportunities will be happy to hear that The Crucible DLC has been released for PlayStation 4, XBox One and PC. Players can challenge their skills in combat against 100 increasingly difficult waves of enemies. There are a number of achievements to earn for reaching a variety of milestones.

Players can earn new armor sets "as proof of superiority" and find new Enchantments and rare crafting materials as well.

Only the strongest warriors throughout history gained access to the Crucible. To prove you are worthy, capture the first of the Deadly Sins once and for all. Do that and Vulgrim will show you the way. The more Sins you defeat, the further into the Crucible you may pass.
Once you have entered the Crucible, enemies will come at you in 25 waves. If you survive a set of five, you are given a choice: take your reward and leave or proceed and risk losing everything. Endure all one hundred waves in one go, and you will face the final challenge.

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