Anthem Update, Season of Skulls, Is Live for Halloween

Anthem Update, Season of Skulls, Is Live for Halloween

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Anthem is the latest in a long line of live service games to receive its Halloween event this week and it comes in the form of Season of Skulls. The event is live as of today and alters much of Fort Tarsis to fit the spooky theme, in addition to offering new leaderboards, boss battles, and more.

To begin Season of Skulls content, players are instructed to find the corresponding option in the game modes menu. From there you'll be entered into the refreshed leaderboards for the duration of the event.

Arena battles will be subject to new inversions, gameplay modifiers that will alter how you approach each gunfight. These inversions will change on a weekly basis, according to EA, though they've not yet said when the event ends. Players will need to consider how best to use score multipliers, counter the inversions, and use each arena map to their advantage.

Meanwhile, in free play, players will find new anomalies, which are designed similarly to the Cataclysm event's Storm Gates. Completing these anomalies will unlock new boss events and limited-time rewards, all of which will also refresh weekly. Legendary drop rates are increased for the season too, and there will even be the option to purchase Legendary war chests.

Players will continue unlocking crystals for in-game purchases and there will be new seasonal skins for every javelin class, though EA teased that those seeking cosmetics should focus on completing challenges, not browsing the in-game store. Fort Tarsis has also been decorated in skulls and other fitting imagery and houses a few mysteries players are invited to uncover in between expeditions.

There is no level cap for players to start Season of Skulls, though you will need to have completed the Incursion storyline beforehand. Season of Skulls is available now and free for all players.

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