Darksiders Genesis Release Dates Announced

Darksiders Genesis Release Dates Announced

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The Darksiders series has had quite the longevity, despite its tumultuous development and the IP changing hands. However, the creative team has largely stayed the same and they're back with Darksiders Genesis. This time, the combat is changed up some, going away from third person action to an isometric view. Genesis is set before the other games in the series, giving us a deeper look at War and our first deep dive into the last horseman, Strife. Darksiders Genesis is set to release for PC and Stadia on December 5th, then it will come to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch on February 14th.

To coincide with the release date announcement, there's a new cinematic trailer to check out above. If you want a good look at who the character of Strife is and his personality, that cinematic does a great job of showing it off. Up until now, Darksiders has been a pretty somber and serious affair when it came to its story and characters. Strife is quippy and comedic, which is a great foil to War's stoicism.

The biggest change Darksiders Genesis brings to the series is the new point of view. Instead of the third person action we're used to, Genesis has an isometric view that looks close to something like Diablo. However, it still plays very much like a Darksiders game. Traversing the environment is still a big part of the gameplay, as is using the environment to solve puzzles and progress through Genesis' level-based system.

Strife is obviously the focus of Genesis, as this is the first time we'll get to spend meaningful time with him, but War is a big part of the game too. You'll be able to play both characters in Genesis, and yes even in co-op with a friend. So if you want some double destruction, Genesis has you covered. While playing solo, you'll also be able to swap between War and Strife on the fly to set up some combos. Plus, there are just some enemies that Strife or War may be better suited for, depending on the situation.

The wait is almost over to see how Darksiders Genesis fleshes out the Darksiders world and to see just exactly who the final horseman is.

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