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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Crashing Consoles; PC Issues Too

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare saw the return of a fan favorite stories and characters like Captain Price, and Infinity Ward did a pretty good job with the game garnering, currently, an 83 average rating and a 92% recommendation from critics here on OpenCritic. However, the launch hasn't gone totally smooth. There is a contingent of gamers that have seen their fair share of issues with the games, from minor bugs to some pretty major crashes.

The first bugs and crashes were of course reported when Modern Warfare released. The first big wave of reports had to do with the Xbox One X and how Modern Warfare has been causing the console to hard crash while people were playing the game. People took to Reddit to report they too had experienced the crash. Infinity Ward took to Twitter to say they were looking into the issue. Right now, the issue seems to be, at least according to online complaints, mostly with the Xbox One X.

Unfortunately, that issue has persisted, going on five days later now. To add onto it, there are a lot of reports of stuttering during in-game cutscenes, patches taking forever to download, and more. For some PC players, they are running across errors that won't even let them launch the game.

The problems are beyond just a mere rocky launch due to overloaded servers, which Modern Warfare did experience like pretty much every other major game released now. Unfortunately, there are a myriad of technical issues with the game, and it's likely not fair to say that everyone's likely to run across at least one, but if you have, you're certainly not alone.

Obviously, Infinity Ward is looking into the issues and we all can expect some patches to come in the hopefully near future. Keep an eye out for news on patches and fixes coming soon. Watching Call of Duty and Infinity Ward's Twitter is a good idea for the latest information too.

While probably a small blow in comparison to the rest, Modern Warfare's technical issues are just piling onto the bad news Activision Blizzard has experienced lately.

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