Borderlands 3 Patch Introduces Mayhem 4

Borderlands 3 Patch Introduces Mayhem 4

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A new Borderlands 3 patch dropped today. The patch adds a bit of content, including Mayhem 4 and additional bank slots.

One of the main additions being added in this new patch is the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite. This should be a challenge for players as the content is balanced for level 50 players. Players can gain access to the Blacksite after completing the main campaign. Respawning is disabled, meaning that if a player dies, they die permanently. If they die within the first half, the player will be revived if their team defeats the Valkyrie Squad. Die in the second half, and you will be revived if the rest of your team manages to defeat Wotan the Invincible, allowing you to claim loot that you did not earn.

Mayhem 4 is also being added to Borderlands 3, giving players the toughest challenge in the game. Enemy health will increase, making them tougher to kill. However, loot drop chances have been increased, with new Legendary weapons and class mods being available as drops. In order to support Mayhem 4, the Mayhem station has been changed. Players will activate Mayhem through the center pillar and will change the Mayhem levels by using the pillars on each side. Gearbox also stated that they are working hard on Mayhem 2.0, which will add new gameplay additions to the mode in the future.

Player's banks will also be adjusted in Borderlands 3's new patch. All characters will now begin the game with 20 slots instead of 10. Existing Bank SDUs will give all players a total of 100 available spaces. An additional 10 Bank SDUs will be available to purchase at Marcus' shop, each rewarding 20 spaces. This gives players 300 slots of space.

Along with the additional content, the new patch will also make a number of fixes. This includes character balance, fixes to stability and gameplay, and more. You can check out the patch notes here.

This patch comes ahead of the upcoming DLC campaign for Borderlands 3, Moxxi's Heist of the Handsome Jackpot. The expansion will drop on December 19th, and will gives players a chance to earn plenty of loot, Eridium, and cash. It is the first of four expansions, and is a part of the game's Season Pass. It is not known how much the DLC will cost on its own separate from the Pass.

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