Hitman 2 December Roadmap Brings Back The Santa Assassin

Hitman 2 December Roadmap Brings Back The Santa Assassin

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IO Interactive has revealed the December roadmap for its stealth-action favorite, Hitman 2. A busy month of content sees the permanent return of two holiday-themed missions, "festive" Curated Contracts, and a new Elusive Target with what IO calls "an extended runtime" to take the game into the new year. Collectively, December's roadmap will host four new Escalation Contracts, a community-made Legacy Contract, two holiday missions, 12 Curated Contracts, and one Elusive Target.

The festivities begin on December 5 with the Truman Escalation in Santa Fortuna. On the same day, The Raaz Algorithm, a new Escalation Contract, takes players to Mumbai. Then it's back to Paris on December 6 for the returning Legacy Contract, The Chef.

Another Escalation set in Mumbai, titled The Han Encasement, begins on December 12 and both in name and content seems to be an allusion to Star Wars. Also beginning on December 12 and running until Christmas Eve is the "12 Days of Contracts," an official adaptation borne out of of a community forum initiative. The team at IO has gathered a dozen of the best community-created contracts and will feature them in the run-up to Christmas Day.

In the middle of that, last year's Holiday Hoarders mission returns permanently to the game. In it, Agent 47 can don a Santa suit and hunt down two Home Alone-inspired thieves. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal. On the same day, the second Legacy mission, Snow Festival, returns to Hokkaido. Like Holiday Hoarders, it's now around for good. Even more on the 17th is a new Escalation Contract called The Rafael Misadventure, this time set on the Isle of Sgail. Rounding out a very busy December 17 is another Legacy Escalation Contract fans will remember, The Kotti Paradigm, in Paris. Completing that will grant players the Snow Festival outfit and ice pick melee weapon.

The last piece of content and this month's only Elusive Target will be available beginning on December 20 and runs through January 6. It's called The Stowaway and its set on the Isle of Sgail. IO says the target for this mission "has some unique behaviour – all depending on your own behaviour – so we advise taking your time and observing before making a move." As a reminder, Elusive Targets can only be attempted once, so failure will lock the mission from players permanently.

Hitman 2 launched in November 2018 to favorable reviews here on OpenCritic. Its current average is a "Strong" 83 with nearly all critics, 93%, recommending the game to players. IO Interactive has since revealed Hitman 3 is well underway.

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