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Tiny Spaceship

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65 median score
81.8% of games recommended

Tiny Spaceship's Reviews

Dec 2, 2016

Grow Home is an endearing title. Throwing BUD around like a robotic rag-doll is a satisfying and heartwarming affair. For the price and duration it can’t be beat, a completely self-contained game that sets the expectations low and manages to deliver an amazing experience. It’s a cheap, silly, and quick experience that will leave your hands sweaty and MOM very proud of you.

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- Abzu
Dec 2, 2016

If Abzu existed alone, it’d be in its own class. However it has a titan of non-verbal storytelling to contend with. And while in many ways it is excellent, it just can’t quite live up to what came before. However even falling short of perfection leads to greatness, and Abzu is in so many ways great. A game that is absolutely worth every penny, a unique experience, and a truly breathtaking title. If you were curious about this oddly named experience, dive down into its depths and you should find a real treasure.

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