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Mar 23, 2024

King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a great turn-based combat RPG game, with simple exploration of the scenarios but that gives rewards for doing so and uses them as part of the strategy in the missions so that the player can succeed. It's a great title that's highly recommended for all lovers of the genre and that gives us a very interesting story that makes us want to keep moving forward and overcoming the challenges to discover more little by little until we reach its end.

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93 / 100 - Ghostrunner 2
Oct 24, 2023

In conclusion, Ghostrunner 2 is a textbook sequel, with an obvious and perfect evolution, with an intriguing story that hooks you from the first moment and that is accompanied by fast and precise gameplay that is polished to the limit of good and a gameplay that gets more additions as you progress. It is highly recommended for fans of the first installment, lovers of cyberpunk and also for those who like speed and putting their reflexes to the limit. And well, the levels of the bike... What an incredible thing.

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