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Unscored - The Witness
Jan 28, 2016

[Spoiler Warning] The Witness makes a game of epiphany.

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Aug 11, 2015

Then, after an increasingly desperate three-hour session of sparkle-seeking, Rapture crashed, and I gave up, unwilling to keep pretending that I cared. The screen froze on an image of a road emblazoned with the word "SLOW," like it was mocking the torturous pace of my progress. If only Rapture had such a puckish streak, its sluggish march might have been more bearable. Instead, I found myself wishing that I could go to the rapture, too.

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Unscored - Axiom Verge
Mar 31, 2015

Put another way, it's a game that needs to be left unattended, so that you can return to it with fresh eyes and discover the surprises that seem to sprout while you're away.

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Unscored - Mario Kart 8
May 30, 2014

Mario Kart 8 may look different from its pixelated forebears of the '80s and '90s, but it's infused with the same magical spirit and exacting craftsmanship. It's the kind of game that's bound to inspire nostalgia someday.

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Unscored - Watch Dogs
May 28, 2014

Content to be normal, Watch Dogs speaks more potently to the intellectual chill within its industry than it does to any oppression without.

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