Joseph Hawkins

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Aug 9, 2014

Gravity Badgers had the potential to be a really fun game; unfortunately it is not. The lacklustre presentation, repetitive levels, and boxy sound make it difficult to enjoy for very long. It may be a fun time-waster at first, but once the player realises that everything there is to be seen has been seen, the game quickly loses any interesting factors it had going for it. If a physics-based puzzle game in the same vein as Gravity Badgers is really sought after, look to mobile and get Angry Birds: Space, which Gravity Badgers draws heavily from.

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7 / 10 - 1001 Spikes
Jun 6, 2014

Knowing what to expect from 1001 Spikes will play a large part in whether or not it is found enjoyable. If gamers are looking for a super challenging, rage inducing but fair game, they will be quite happy with their purchase. If what they are looking for is an easy going, charming platformer, it is highly advised to look elsewhere.

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