Marc Caccamise

Rochester, NY

Favorite Games:
  • The Last of Us
  • BioShock

22 games reviewed
68.5 average score
70 median score
27.3% of games recommended
Jan 9, 2015

Funk of Titans is not a game that revolutionizes the platformer genre, and it isn't filled with radical new ideas. The levels eventually begin to feel a bit repetitive in nature, and the boss battles are more-or-less carbon copies of one another that provide no real challenge to the player. However, the game also proved to be a relatively enjoyable time, albeit a short one, with its lighthearted theme, and relaxing, swift and fluid gameplay. For platformer fans, it may be just the thing to start off the new year.

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How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition may not have been the most expected game to come across to the Xbox One, but it's one that fans of this genre type should enjoy. While the story is mostly brushed over, and some frustrating encounters with the enemies can occur, the crafting and survival system that the game is based around is very strong and expansive. The inclusion of all of the game's previous DLCs will also give players a reason to come back, whether on their own or with a friend.

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