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Dec 28, 2016

Overall, Sports Interactive has certainly achieved its goal of providing a streamlined version of the top tier game, with plenty of depth and a very accessible UI, which will make both veteran fans and those wanting to play in quick sessions, extremely happy with this very versatile package. Football Manager Touch 2017 is a very impressive achievement.

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Nov 25, 2016

Sports Interactive must be commended on doing a really excellent job in finessing not just the contents - old and new - but the UI, to a level where it's not only less taxing to navigate, but elevates the overall experience and enjoyment of the game. The developer has been able to intelligently and subtly guide players towards being more familiar with the choices at their disposal, embracing them with a mode-defined sense of control and expanding the depth of the game in their minds. Everything that made Football Manager great in last year's entry is not only still present, but has been polished to a high degree. Whilst many of the new incorporations may not be as ground-breaking as some might have hoped, they are welcomed additions and point to things to come. For now, Football Manager 2017 is quite simply the most in-depth and rewarding experience yet - and perhaps, worryingly, maybe even more addictive.

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Oct 15, 2016

Dragon Quest Builders is a real pleasure to play. It understands exactly what players enjoy most about the genre and executes it expertly and confidently. It's an incredibly approachable game, with a control scheme and UI easy to get to grips with and suitably intuitive. Not only does Builders offer a package with the best elements of Animal Crossing and Minecraft but it structures it with a fun filled narrative, crucially giving players a real sense of purpose and satisfaction. Rather than building aimlessly and without reason, Square Enix has created something where the player's imagination really matters and is rewarded. The set of characters accompanying the protagonist are a real joy to have around and the world encapsulating them is one of real life and activity, with thrilling underlying dangers. In short, Dragon Quest Builders is really quite an exceptional game and the most fun you will have had on the PS4 in a long, long time.

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Sep 5, 2016

Overall, Football Manager 2016 is definitely an improvement over last year's submission. It does a nice job of catering to those who want a faster-paced experience, whilst offering those who want to micro-manage every possible aspect of the game, a perfect sandbox with which to scratch that itch. Moreover, Sports Interactive has seemingly brought both experiences closer together, allowing an easier path for those playing Touch to promote themselves to the full experience at their leisure. The overall detail is astonishing and it will take far longer to get through a season. Gone are the days off finishing off a league in a night, but the satisfaction of reaching the summit of a league table after the arduous road preceding it, is that much greater. Aside from a couple of slight blemishes, with an under polished avatar system and a few presentation issues, Football Manager 2016 is without doubt a great accomplishment, which deserves anyone's attention. Just don't be surprised to watch your social life get relegated…

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8 / 10 - Curses 'N Chaos
Jan 28, 2016

It showcases classic gameplay in its purest form, demanding a level of skill and timing not present in many games recently. Defeat never feels unfair; if anything, it encourages the player to pick the controller back up and improve. The music is a joy, and the canvas the art is weaved through is testament to a team who have created a highly addictive and polished game.

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