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Video Games Journalist at GamersFTW “BA (Hons) Computer Games & Visual Effects” graduate from Essex, UK. Part-time games journalist, Freelance General Artist, full time creative fellow!
9.1 / 10.0 - DiRT Rally
Apr 13, 2016

DiRT Rally could be viewed as the Dark Souls of the racing genre; imposing to rookies, challenging, and realistic, yet absolutely gripping and full of reward! It'll initially scare some gamers, but once a comfort zone has been found - not least with the help of near endless options to aid, or challenge, the player - the game can satisfy most. A true representation of rallying, something that has not been achieved in gaming for far too long! It has some minuscule issues (once you see the PS2-age crowd models, you cannot un-see them) but, when it comes to the likes of Rally, Motorcross and Hillclimb motorsports, DiRT Rally really is the king of the road less travelled!

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7.6 / 10.0 - 101 Ways To Die
Mar 23, 2016

101 Ways To Die does exactly what it says on the tin! It provides a multitude of ways for you to kill your experiment participants, with a wide range of tools and combos, each as humorous as the last! The unlock progression is well paced so you get a good play time from the game (though some curveball puzzles can grind your progress to a halt). Having said that, you wouldn't play a single sitting for too long anyway, with repetitive gameplay slowly making it a drag. However, being so sadistic and murderous is rarely such a comical delight, and a kickback-and-enjoy experience as can be found in 101 Ways To Die.

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Jan 17, 2016

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is overall a great idea, wrapped up in a mundane game. It has its moments when it all "clicks", but they're only moments. Being multiplayer-focused (when the game is begging for an epic SP campaign) the game has a large dependence of its online community - that is already dwindling on some servers - and lacklustre content (though varied), makes it a game that is hard to recommend, and non-compelling to go back to. Though the PC version looks more entertaining at the least with its modding capabilities.

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7 / 10.0 - Just Cause 3
Dec 16, 2015

Just Cause 3 is a great game to blast around in, due to the amount of fun, unrealistic antics the player can get up to. But constant technical issues - although most commonly just drops in frame rates during heavy-effect scenes - bullet-sponge AI, and repetitive missions, make the game a bit of a drag to play for long sessions. However those 1-5 hour stints when you get the time? Just a bundle of mad chaos, explosions, and genuine fun (though lightly sprinkled with small annoyances). Why do I like blowing up stuff so much? Just Cause..

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Nov 3, 2015

A well-built karaoke game, that's a great laugh and genuinely fun with a few friends/for a party. But a lack of content, and a limited variety of song types with the on-disc setlist (and no confirmation on any future DLC) as well as no real innovation in the genre of the game limits it from being much more else than a short burst of fun from time to time with some friends. That's at best case scenario!

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