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Austin Belzer

Kansas City, Missouri

Favorite Games:
  • Alan Wake
  • Far Cry 3
  • Red Dead Redemption

21 games reviewed
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I'm an avid nerd, so to speak. Right now, I'm reading DC Rebirth, excited for Suicide Squad and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I've been gaming since the year 16 years. First on PS2, then the original Xbox for a while, the GameCube became my Star Wars machine, the Game Boy Advance (one of the best handhelds I've ever held), the DS Lite, the Wii, the Xbox 360, the PS3, the PS4, and now, the Xbox One.
Nov 28, 2015

Star Wars Battlefront is a game for the casual shooter fan. No one ever planned an attack, no one ever talked. So, if you're going into this game expecting a Star Wars skin on Battlefield, expect to be dissapointed, as there is no aspect of team play in this game. While I like a game I can just hop into every few months, I expected more from a franchise that I basically grew up with.

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