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Loves both playing games and writing about them. Works for pressakey.com and freelanced for several other German publications. The only person on earth waiting for the return of the best video game lizard ever, Gex.
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Oct 14, 2021

Who would have thought that 2D platformers and top-down puzzlers could go together so well? Toodee and Topdee makes the impossible possible - and impresses with clever puzzles and a unique game idea over about 100 levels.

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Oct 1, 2021

NEO: The World Ends With You is both a sequel and a "reset", a worthy comeback of one of the most offbeat JRPGs and a game that keeps you hooked to the screen for a long time with its eccentric style, rhythmic battles, motivating "gotta catch 'em all" flair and great soundtrack - even if it can't shake off some long known problems.

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Loved - Deathloop
Sep 29, 2021

Another day, another loop, and with each new timeloop, Deathloop has me even more impressed. This Murder Puzzle on Blackreef is a highly engaging sandbox for experimental players, and a surprisingly complex detective game with its heart in the right place and the loop in every last detail of its DNA.

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Jul 2, 2021

It is a delight to see this unusual masterpiece get a second chance! NieR shines in new splendor and new gameplay quality in this lavish new edition - and remains just as thrilling, fascinating and meaningful as on the first day.

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Worth your time - Lost Words: Beyond the Page
May 31, 2021

Light and shadow are close together in Lost Words: it tells a touching and tangible story of a young girl's life and embeds it in a gorgeous diary style - but then gets lost in a superfluous and boring sub-story that makes half of the game seem like filler.

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Mar 29, 2021

Bravely Default II doesn't deliver more than the bare minimum on all levels - gameplay-wise, technically, narratively and musically - and is thus, despite a still excellent job system, unfortunately one thing above all: generic.

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Is this still Warriors or already Breath of the Wild? Age of Calamity combines the well-known qualities of the Musou brand with charm, design and ideas of one of the best games of the generation - elevating it into a positively Zeldaesque adventure.

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Nov 30, 2020

The deceptively idyllic and wonderfully bustling microcosm of PNF-404 also impresses on the Nintendo Switch - just like the intelligently designed strategy adventure behind it. But now it's time for Pikmin 4!

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Masterpiece - Ghostrunner
Nov 4, 2020

I am thrilled! Style, speed, synthwave and a lot of substance: Ghostrunner is a spectacular action trip with irresistible flow and optimal playing rhythm. For me, it is a masterpiece that hits several nerves at once with its cold cyberpunk setting, lightning-fast katana action, precise first-person-platforming and last but not least, of course, the driving synthwave soundtrack by Daniel Deluxe.

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Oct 7, 2020

Star Renegades is visually and acoustically a pleasure and with its challenging and complex combat system also a playful treat - for me it is one of the highlights of the gaming year!

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