Greg Hart

2 games reviewed
May 25, 2017

Thumper makes a huge initial impression, and is a great effort for the two man team of Drool; they obviously put a lot of love and thought into creating a unique and evocative experience. Unfortunately, the lack of distinct game play and musical score may turn off all but the most devoted completionists and challenge seekers.

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Mar 28, 2017

One of the tried and true methods for creating novelty lies in taking two separate things people love, and mashing them together. The results can fluctuate, and are often self-indulgent, but they always seem to tickle a certain fascination: Doctor Who in Star Trek, some alcohol in your coffee, and of course, countless Taco Bell experiments. For gamers, one need only peruse through the endless pages of Steam to see a variety of genre crossovers. Play a hero in your tower defense, shoot down hordes of enemies as you strategize in your RTS, and of course, voxel everything. However, it's rare that inspiration and execution come together as perfectly as they have in Psyonix's driving/soccer hybrid Rocket League. Overall, Rocket League nails the digital sport, creating a game where finesse, practice, and strategy coalesce into an experience that's accessible, deep, and enjoyable.

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