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Liked - Sneaky Bears
Sep 16, 2017

While I would have loved for there to be an online leader board, the setting of a warehouse with it’s immersion of VR almost feels like it’s you against the survival of humans. Even while playing and seeing Frank come on to deliver his clever and humorous messages (that I really enjoyed and laughed at), I had this sense of he was wanting to play a game and the whole time the warehouse factory was one big room where at any time, it would be the end for Buddy, the Pandas, and me. I was more than happy to prove Frank wrong and put an end to those Evil Sneaky Bears. It was a 'beary' good time.

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Loved - Sparc
Sep 9, 2017

So with all that being said, you should go right now and get SPARC. This is one of those games that is a blast to play and one that, at least for me, I want to keep coming back to play again and again and again.

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