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CCP Games
Nov 16, 2017 - PlayStation VR, Meta Quest, HTC Vive

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Sparc Trailers

Sparc - Launch trailer (PS VR) thumbnail

Sparc - Launch trailer (PS VR)

Sparc - E3 2017 Gameplay trailer (PS VR) thumbnail

Sparc - E3 2017 Gameplay trailer (PS VR)

Sparc - Virtual Sport. Real Competition. (Announcement trailer) thumbnail

Sparc - Virtual Sport. Real Competition. (Announcement trailer)

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Critic Reviews for Sparc

Sparc is limited in terms of features and tangible incentives to keep playing, but the core sport is fun

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Sparc has the potential to grow, but it needs all the help it can get from as many installbases it can get its hands on.

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Sparc is the first in what will hopefully become a burgeoning genre for virtual reality. It's a frenetically charged competitive sport that doesn't bog itself down with too many rules. At the same time, it's a risky investment. I hate being a pessimist, but as soon as the number of active players begins to dry up, you'll be left with an empty husk of a game.

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Sparc is the classic VR game with brilliant ideas and a physical activity required by the player above the average. However, the contents are few.

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Sparc is what would happen if racquetball existed in the world of TRON. With extensive customization, a handful of modes, and frantic well-executed gameplay, the only thing holding this game back is CCP's recent push away from the VR table. This is doubly unfortunate as what's here is a fantastic platform on which to build.

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Sparc combines the futuristic sport of Tron's disc battles with handball to create a unique PSVR experience that will have you moving and throwing with the greatest of ease. As a spectator V-sport, the focus on competitive online multiplayer makes up for the sparse amount of single player content

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14 / 20

Sparc is a good game with a simple concept that works pretty well, which enters into another dimension in VR. Unfortunately, the lack of content, online or offline, mess the whole thing. Why didn't they include tournaments ? Why do we have to watch others guys playing before getting in a game ? So many things which limit this title. We hope that CCP Games will make the things right for the launch of Sparc on the others VR headsets. If you're thinking about short term, you can give it a try !

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Sparc is a good PlayStation VR game with all the core mechanics to be a sleeper hit; the gameplay is enjoyable and requires a lot of skill. Unfortunately, with very little single player content, the title is pinning all of its success on its small but active online community – and it's hard to predict how long the release's servers will remain occupied.

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