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The Loot Gaming co-founder & editor in chief Hello there, I'm Mike Ross I'm really passionate about gaming in general, but I really love sandbox, shooters and strategy games. I usually play on Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. I'm also a freelance journalist, law student, guitar player and musician. Wanna talk? Just DM me on twitter!
7.8 / 10.0 - Attack on Titan 2
Apr 11, 2018

Attack On Titan 2 is a solid title that will impress players with its ambitious high paced combat and stunning visuals. It has some minor flaws such as some poor game design choice regarding Daily Life gameplay, but overall it’s a pleasant experience for any AOT fan and, probably, a great discovery for any newcomer.

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Oct 10, 2016

Reus offers pointless simulation at the expensive cost of your precious time. By far, it has been the most boring experience I’ve ever had while having gods under my command. Having a poor UI, lack of objectives, slow pacing, and self-limitations, there’s not much room left for strategy or fun. It’s a very basic simulator which needs much more complex to be truly special. It’s fun for a few hours but that’s it. The developers need to add more content so that it can remain engaging for extended periods of time.

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9.1 / 10.0 - Doom
May 25, 2016

In conclusion, DOOM is the best game (and also best looking game) I’ve played this year so far and I think it has managed to deliver according to the high expectations about it. Despite its flaws and the -poorly explained- negative reception by some of the media, this is one of the biggest 2016 titles that will be hard to skip if your are able to see how glorious it is. Whether it’s due to the challenge of completing the campaign in every difficulty setting or the huge amount of hours multiplayer mode and snapmap delivers, DOOM keeps giving you a reason to come back.

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4 / 10.0 - We Are Doomed
May 22, 2016

From my point of view, We Are Doomed lacks of an addictive gameply, but I can see what the developers attempted to achieve; maybe they were aiming too high. There is plenty of room left for improvements; and that “room” is probably bigger than the satisfaction this game could ever provide you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the game is bad, I’m just saying that I’ve seen this before, and there is no surprise elements at all; don’t say I haven’t warned you. What this game needs at all costs is a free content update adding weapons and positive/negative buffs like slow motion or blurry screen; it’s just an example of the ton of things you could add! Hopefully Vertexpop takes this feedback into account; I’ll be happy to update and increase my final score if they do it! Now, with that being said, I just want to make clear that I did actually enjoy the game a little bit, but I couldn’t stop thinking of ways to improve it, and that kept me generally distracted. We Are Doomed feels like an open canvas still waiting to be painted.

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