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Royce Wilson is an Australian-based freelance journalist and games/tech writer with more than 20 years experience writing on the subject. As well as being the Technology & Features Editor for Game On Aus, he also writes about games for The Australian newspaper and website.
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The new setting has plenty of charm and is just different enough to differentiate it from England, the story is well done and moves at a good pace, and there’s a lot to see and do.

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No Recommendation / Blank - The Invisible Hand
May 12, 2021

While from a gaming perspective it ends up a bit disappointing, from a “Games as Art” perspective there’s a worthwhile message here about the broader consequences of seemingly unrelated actions – messing with natural gas prices, for example, can cascade into triggering a civil war – and pointing out that the relentless pursuit of profit above all else is ultimately hollow and meaningless.

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Disliked - Returnal
Apr 29, 2021

If you like challenging games which require reflexes, juggling several different threats at once, and grinding through levels to improve your skills – and are interested in a sci-fi thriller – then Returnal will have a lot to offer. For gamers looking for a more accommodating action/adventure experience, or wanting something that doesn’t have more grind than a lensmaking factory, however, Returnal is not the game you’re looking for.

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Apr 9, 2021

If you’re looking for a way to unleash your inner supervillain, there’s definitely some fiendish fun to be had with Evil Genius 2 – but it might be worth waiting until it’s spent some more time being revised before marshalling your underlings for a tilt at your own slice of digital megalomania.

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Mar 18, 2021

If you’re a long-time fan of the Strongholds franchise, then the change of scenery and some of the tweaks might be enough to make you climb over the parapets to get this one. For everyone else though, Age of Empires II/III Definitive Edition is likely to be a better bet, both from a content and general experience perspective.

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Essential - Hitman 3
Jan 20, 2021

Everything about the way Hitman III looks, feels, and plays is absolutely top-notch. This is an outstanding game, a fantastic way to start 2021’s AAA releases, and a must-play for anyone who like stealth, espionage, or complex scenario games.

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The art style (borrowing heavily from the comics) is great, and the general vibe of the whole thing is well in keeping with the source material, but unless you’re a big fan of Scott Pilgrim or really like side-scrolling beat-em-ups, this isn’t one I’d recommend going out of your way to play.

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Essential - Cyberpunk 2077
Dec 8, 2020

This is an outstanding and highly enjoyable game, but take your time with it, do all the side missions (think of them as extensions of the main quest, in fact) and don’t rush the main storyline. You should absolutely take the earliest available opportunity to explore Night City and everything it has to offer. From the visuals to the music to the vibe, it’s a superb experience and one I am looking forward to spending a lot more time with.

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Dec 3, 2020

With some more time ageing this could have been a cult hit, but right now playing Empire of Sin is an offer you probably should refuse.

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Dec 1, 2020

The story is compelling enough to keep players engaged, the humour is well-pitched, and overall Immortals Fenyx Rising is a solid and enjoyable game for an oft-overlooked audience. While it’s not likely to top any Game Of The Year lists, it doesn’t have to, and as a gaming parent I’m glad to see age-appropriate adventures making an appearance for younger gamers to enjoy too.

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