Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle

King Art Games, Deep Silver
May 27, 2021 - PC

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Iron Harvest Operation Eagle Launch Trailer | RTS game

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Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle | RTS New Faction Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle

Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle is a challenging DLC to a fun RTS game. Even though it can be played as a stand alone title Iron Harvest: Operation Eagle works best when accompanied by the main title Iron Harvest. The introduction of Ursonia and their campaign is a solid addition, even if adding aerial units to the game hurts its overall gameplay. The campaign story alone is worth the price of entry.

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I am extremely happy I was given this game to review. I love this world; the actual battlefields are beautiful upon spawning in. From the lighting to the landscapes the artists on this team have truly given us some spectacular looking playgrounds. Some of the best I’ve seen in an RTS game, sadly by the time the battle is over they will resemble a scarred warzone but still no less beautiful. The characters in the Usonia campaign were very well done, which was helped by excellent cutscenes and voice over artists. I am now playing through the main story in order to fill in some of these holes I have by starting with the DLC campaign, but I am loving every moment of it so far. I am so happy to return to my love of RTS games and found that in my absence the genre has grown and changed in a fantastic and wonderful way. I really hope the developers have more in store for this one, as they definitely have a new fan in me!

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New campaign, new faction, new air units, but still some failings. If you like base game, you will like this DLC as well.

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A good expansion that will offer a few more hours of gameplay to those who have found Iron Harvest short. A new faction and a new campaign for this one with the same quality as the previous ones are its presentation cards. It is a pity that there is not much innovation in terms of units, adding, of course, the air units, which are not a major change -although they are noticeable-.

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Worth your time
Royce Wilson

As a single-player gamer, I enjoyed this addition to the world of Iron Harvest. There’s so few ‘new’ RTS games out there so I’m glad Iron Harvest is succeeding and growing, and hope there’s more DLC of Operation Eagle’s calibre on the way in the future.

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Operation Eagle doesn’t particularly change the Iron Harvest formula, but it does add another very enjoyable campaign, complete air units for all factions.

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