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Despite its original and creative idea, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood is a game that after a few hours becomes repetitive and boring. With a fight that could have been better developed and with very poor graphics this is a title that may not meet the interests and expectations of many.

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Nov 2, 2020

After the thunderous success that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 had 20 years ago, a remaster arrives that makes anyone go back in time and relive the same fun they experienced at the time. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2 is a phenomenal and simply fantastic remaster, thanks to its fluidity, new additions, and soundtrack. Vicarious Visons' best decision was to go back in time and recover this work of art in the world of video games.

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Aug 13, 2020

Our evolution wasn´t easy, as such Ancestors: The Odyssey of Humanity is not an easy game. Although based on a rather original and interesting idea, the game is quite confusing at first, leading to many not enjoying the game. Moreover, the absence of a campaign makes the game less grater. After all, as we learn how to play, the game can become a little more interesting.

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Aug 3, 2020

Although the campaign is quite small and the villains are not as feared as the previous ones, the hours spent in Far Cry New Dawn are quite amusing. Players are transported to an action-packed world, with a lot to do. With this game you can count on a nostalgic return to Hope County, Montana, with a magical touch.

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6.5 / 10.0 - Beyond Blue
Aug 2, 2020

Despite offering a very fun and fascinating 3-hour experience, Beyond Blue offers little more than a repetitive experience without great imagination. After all, it is a calm and fascinating experience that brings us to know better the ocean and its Ecosystems. If the player seeks for a comforting experience by the ocean this is the right choice, but if the player is looking for a well-crafted game, with a complex plot this may not be the best option.

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9 / 10.0 - F1 2020
Jul 18, 2020

With F1 2020, Codemasters offers the best and the most complete game in the F1 Franchise, with everything that resulted in last year's title, and with new additions. There is a clear effort by Codemasters to provide the best experience for players and there is a great evolution in career modes with the emergence of My Team mode that gives players the opportunity to manage their teams and win the championship their way. The Podium pass and the reward systems implemented in the game are also great, giving the players the feeling that they are racing for more than a simple trophy.

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