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Jan 15, 2020

Halo: Reach (via the Master Chief Collection on Steam) is like fine wine. It aged well - a perfect blend of old-school shooting, driven by nostalgia and backed with super solid gameplay and noteworthy additions. Case in point: dedicated servers to make the online experience as seamless as humanly possible.

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Mar 16, 2020

Is Warzone the best battle royale game in the market? Honestly, it’s too soon to say. But with all of its innovation and refinements, it’s very close to being the proverbial king of the hill.

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80 / 100 - EA Sports UFC 4
Aug 21, 2020

Overall, UFC4 is a fun, engaging, and immersive fighting game for new and returning players alike. It has all the right ingredients for players to pile up their game time for hundreds of hours, in the next couple of years at least.

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60 / 100 - FIFA 21
Oct 7, 2020

FIFA 21 is far from being a terrible experience. It is essentially a polished version of FIFA 20, which is one of the best football games to date. But instead of having, say, Thomas Partey in for Mattéo Guendouzi, it's more of a case of Victor Lindelöf in for Harry Maguire.

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Nov 11, 2020

Just like Miles in the comics, Spider-Man: Miles Morales does not try to out-do an already established name. Rather, it carves a new story for themselves in a familiar-but-comforting setting.

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Nov 18, 2020

Is Cold War a step up from Modern Warfare? It is hard to say considering we are very much at the peak of first-person shooter games, and that Call of Duty games always tread the line between realism and arcade-style shooting gallery. All things considered, it is a great game by its own right, confidently taking the baton from Modern Warfare and confidently making the race its own.

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