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Divinity: Original Sin II is surely one of the best games to be seen on consoles this year, not only speaking of RPGs. And as I said in the introduction, FOR ME is already among the greats of the RPG. It's not easy to bring a very tactical and theoretically "slow" RPG subgenre to a wider target audience. In my opinion they have succeeded, or at least, they have done everything possible thanks to the union of a solid story and script, total freedom to face situations (even without fighting on many occasions) and a noteworthy graphic section.

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10 / 10.0 - Dark Souls III
Apr 24, 2016

Dark Souls III is one of the demonstrations that video games (some, like movies) are pure art, without any possible discussion and its director is the greatest current genius in the sector, also without discussion. Miyazaki says that he is going to take a long vacation and that there will be no more Dark Souls for now.

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May 31, 2015

‎The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‎‎ is an enduring masterpiece‎.

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