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Writer and Podcaster on GameBlast. Fan of 60's to 80's Rock, movies and italian food.
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Apr 18, 2021

Scythe: Digital Edition is one of the best digital translations of a board game that I had the opportunity to try. Having contact with its original version obviously helped me when I was transported to dystopian Europe in the 1920s and also helped me to see how well the adaptation of Asmodee Games was done. Veterans will miss moving real pieces, counting pennies and even gathering everything together after playing, but I guarantee they will agree with me that the quality has remained in the digital version of this excellent game. Obviously it does not replace the charm of the original game, but it is a great alternative to play with friends.

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Apr 4, 2021

El Hijo - The Wild West Tale attends well to everything it proposes with its experience without violence. It is light and challenging enough for casual players who are not used to the stealth genre, and that can leave the most demanding a little frustrated, but not dissatisfied. The Wild West is never out of style, but here the stealth could be a little more daring.

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Apr 2, 2021

DARQ: Complete Edition is one of those titles that comes in the right measure in almost every way: a very good level of challenge, satisfactory duration, simple gameplay and an inviting art to attract anyone's attention. There is only a slight caveat about the difficulty for those who prefer a more elaborate mental challenge, as the game does not have any tasks that I can call formidable, or a difficulty setting that encourages playing it again.

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6.5 / 10.0 - Space Otter Charlie
Mar 16, 2021

Space Otter Charlie is a good choice for those who enjoy light, different and uncompromising adventures. Its biggest highlight is the gameplay based on movement in environments with zero gravity and with a friendly difficulty curve for all player profiles. Exploration could be another highlight of the title, but it is used in a very superficial way, which leaves the experience very weak in this regard.

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Feb 15, 2021

Fallen Legion Revenants has some merits, such as the soundtrack with its exciting moments and graphics with personality. The battle system, even though it has matured more in relation to its predecessor, is still not ideal due to some details that can compromise the experience. The combat is good, but the overloads and repetitiveness in the rhythm of the game made the experience boring and irritating.

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6.5 / 10.0 - Turrican Flashback
Feb 2, 2021

Turrican Flashback is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it presents an opportunity for younger generations to have the chance to enjoy excellent games from a series that has a prominent place in a memorable time. On the other hand, it is a little disappointing for not having everything that we, who lived through that period, know that exists in the Turrican franchise, in a package that is not bad, but that we know is incomplete and could be much better.

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8.5 / 10.0 - Habroxia 2
Feb 1, 2021

Habroxia 2 does an excellent job of transporting us back to a time when shoot 'em ups were strong on arcades and consoles in the 1990s. The game features sounds, visuals and other details that bring us back to classics like Galaga, Gradius, R-Type and many others that have become symbols of an era. Whether casual or hardcore, here we have an excellent option for those who want the almost perfect balance of challenge, fun and quality. Embark fearlessly on this space adventure and have fun, Habroxia 2 is a delicacy.

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Jan 14, 2021

Override 2: Super Mech League gets it right on bringing a generous amount of robots with different styles, colors and sizes to choose from. Also positive is the option for game sessions with friends at home - or even online if you agree to buy the game together. However, on consoles, performance is a point that gets in the way of the experience. It is better to choose a PC with a good configuration or even one of the new generation consoles. If your vibe is to play solo, get ready for a lot of repetition and slow progress towards accumulating pennies and unlocking irrelevant little things.

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7 / 10.0 - Iris.Fall
Jan 6, 2021

Just as light and shadow have their positive and negative interpretations, Iris.Fall delivers a captivating and satisfying story with well-lit and highlighted positives, and some negatives that are a shadow in this experience. In general, the game is quite pleasant for casual players who like a good mental challenge

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Inspired by the previous games, Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age - Definitive Edition is a must-have title for any JRPG fan, especially for those who enjoy the franchise. It manages to be nostalgic in the details, and it is modern where it really needs to be, especially in the artistic department. The gameplay maintains much of the originality of the franchise and, at the same time, has some changes that refreshes the overall experience.

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