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Jan 7, 2020

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is an essential purchase to experience the series as a more complete package. This is a game that does not give up its secrets easily, but offers players a wealth of options to succeed - with enough perseverance.

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7 / 10.0 - Profane
Nov 29, 2019

It is a rough diamond that is in need of some refining and shining, but still provides a good bullet hell experience.

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7 / 10.0 - Skybolt Zack
Nov 7, 2019

As far as Skybolt Zack’s experience is concerned, it is a solid offering that will appeal to players looking for something they can play over and over again to perfect their best time or score. For those of you looking for a more casual experience, approach with caution. Skybolt Zack may look like harmless platforming fun, but it makes you sweat for it.

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8 / 10 - MotoGP 14
Jun 19, 2014

Add the graphical overhaul, refined handling and experimental modes together and you end up with a racer that feels much more competitive that its immediate predecessors. Milestone has a habit of releasing motorcycling sequels that hold little distinction outside of the yearly livery changes, but in MotoGP 14, it's not relying solely on the draw of the licence and the pull of its physics. That doesn't mean it's comparable to Marquez in terms of getting everything right, but if ever there was a game made by MotoGP fans for MotoGP fans, this is definitely it.

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