Nick Bartoli

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6 / 10.0 - DRIFT21
Feb 24, 2021

There is very little to say about Drift21. Sure the graphics are nice, and the sound design is good, but neither of those are important unless you’re a fan of the gameplay. If you are not a fan of drifting, and car maintenance then there is no reason to purchase this game. Although I am definitely more likely to recommend this game to a of drifting or car maintenance, I sadly am not even sure about that. It’s hard to tell what the drifting aficionado what think of Drift21’s mechanics. The games $25 price tag may be too high based on the amount of content actually provided, of course all of that is subject to change as this game is still in early access. Overall, if you like drifting and cars, this may be your game, but be ready because that’s all this game is. As far as everyone else goes, I see very little reason to pick up this game especially at its price tag considering the vast number of other games at a similar price of higher quality.

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7 / 10.0 - Partisans 1941
Jan 27, 2021

Partisans 1941 is a good game, with small issues, and a few major annoyances. Where the core gameplay and level design succeed, other elements such as UI and other gameplay elements really get in the way. The camp mechanic was certainly my biggest problem with the game, and it takes up a lot of time. With there being so many options in the World War II genera it makes recommending this game difficult, but I do think there is enjoyment to be had. The stealth mechanics are enjoyable, and missions are overall a fun experience that is certainly worth a try. If you think the camp mechanic sounds fun then I definitely recommend Partisans 1941, but as someone who did not enjoy that aspect I must say proceed with caution.

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Jan 6, 2021

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker offers a unique puzzle experience that is full of content and compelling missions that can hook the player into saying “just one more level” over and over again. Although the game certainly has its moments where gameplay can get slow and frustrating, especially with the Pixel Toad missions, the overall experience is not ruined by these moments. Captain Toad is a fast and rewarding puzzle platformer game that has gone underappreciated on the Switch. It is the perfect game to pick up while waiting for Nintendo to release their more anticipated titles.

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