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May 7, 2020 - PC
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5 / 10
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DRIFT21 - Ebisu North Trailer [ESRB]

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Critic Reviews for DRIFT21

Game Debate

Vicken B
5 / 10.0
Game Debate

Now a full on drifting game has promise, drifting is an art and quite difficult for most people. This game really has a great way of showing that. I would absolutely love to see way more cars, more maps, maybe even a multiplayer where people can compete against each other, that would make this way more enjoyable. It has a lot of promise for early access and hopefully the developers keep working on it and don't end support for a game that clearly shows a lot of potential, but at this point in time I just can't recommend it.

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There is very little to say about Drift21. Sure the graphics are nice, and the sound design is good, but neither of those are important unless you’re a fan of the gameplay. If you are not a fan of drifting, and car maintenance then there is no reason to purchase this game. Although I am definitely more likely to recommend this game to a of drifting or car maintenance, I sadly am not even sure about that. It’s hard to tell what the drifting aficionado what think of Drift21’s mechanics. The games $25 price tag may be too high based on the amount of content actually provided, of course all of that is subject to change as this game is still in early access. Overall, if you like drifting and cars, this may be your game, but be ready because that’s all this game is. As far as everyone else goes, I see very little reason to pick up this game especially at its price tag considering the vast number of other games at a similar price of higher quality.

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Unless you specifically want to play a Mechanic/Drift game, there are better and cheaper games that does these two designs way better than DRIFT21.

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