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Mar 13, 2015

Veterans of the series should enjoy what is offered here, and that is the key, as I think veterans of the series will enjoy it as they will find with plenty to do, and with a cheaper than most price they could do worse.

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Jan 6, 2015

In the end there is really no excuse not to pick this content as you will enjoy many of the features found in Forza Horizon 2's core game, but in the new Storm Island setting. Now go on, get that truck or car dirty!

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80 / 100 - NHL 15
Sep 9, 2014

NHL 2015 truly has glimpses of being a fantastic sports title on its own merit, given the improvements in the gameplay mechanics, visuals, physics and even sound. That being said, we have been spoiled to a degree by some outstanding previous versions with all the features and now I find that the series has lost a bit of its lustre given what they cut out to get this one out the door. The omission of key modes really hurts the end product, and in a way it feels like we're stepping back somewhat.

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81 / 100 - Super Time Force
Jun 16, 2014

It gives some the bigger titles a run for their money in terms of playability and fun. Sure, the learning curve can be a bit steep and the look and feel may turn off some newer gamers but the rewards are sweet enough for everyone to love this quirky downloadable title.

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80 / 100 - Trials Fusion
Apr 17, 2014

After my first in-depth foray into the world of Trials I've got to admit I'm pretty impressed.  This series has graduated into a full fledged game with Trials Fusion given the hard work from RedLynx. Most gamers will love the pick–up and play aspect prevalent throughout the title, but you'll have to curb the urge to toss or bonk your controller in frustration as the difficulty ramps up.

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