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Super Time Force

Capybara Games, Capy Games
May 14, 2014 - Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S

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8 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Super Time Force

At $14.99, Super Time Force is a great buy, and highly replayable as more characters are unlocked. There are badges to be earned for each stage (you can pick exactly what stages/segments of missions to replay) for picking up items and the sort. It's a unique, polished and challenging adventure that's absolutely worth your time. And the best part is, completing a stage and re-watching it in real-time. It looks like co-op multiplayer on crack, but it's all you.

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Infused with a novel concept, Super Time Force is both fun and frustrating.

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Super Time Force brings a time traveling twist to the classic sidescrolling shooter, and while playing it can feel like you've chugged one too many energy drinks, the hilarious charm and satisfying gameplay helps take the edge off.

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An imaginative spin on retro 2D shooters, whose unconventional gameplay and visuals are a prime example of what makes indie gaming so exciting – despite some notable rough edges.

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Wildly inventive time-warping mechanics make playing this game feel unlike any other

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Super Time Force gleefully shreds conventional concepts of time travel in both its writing and gameplay, making it a refreshing twist on the side-scrolling shooter.

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Super Time Force takes collective nostalgia for old movies, cartoons and games and wraps them up in a fun, exponentially clever manifestation of current video game technology.

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Capybara has designed a devastatingly complex game that manages to feel wholly intuitive and approachable in practice; I just wish it explored more of its potential. If ever a game begged for a sequel to fully realize a great concept, Super T.I.M.E. Force is it.

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