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Mar 21, 2022

This game is the definition of a mixed bag for me. This game is what you get when you mix amazing talent (music, art) with a rushed timetable and an unremarkable story and writing style. There are a lot of aspects that made me feel I was playing an Early Access or Beta game, but this has been indeed released, and it's selling for 30 bucks. Considering the amount of content and the quality of the experience, the score suffers, because it does not live up to a $30 game. The bads are not terrible and luckily the goods are really good, so I can go slightly above 5 with this one. If you don't mind about bland story and bad dialogues and are itching for a short and sweet colossus fighter with aerial combat, then pick this one up. Although, maybe when it goes on sale.

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9 / 10.0 - Exo One
Dec 10, 2021

Exo One is a notably well-crafted audiovisual journey that is quite enjoyable to simply play through. While the story is lackluster and can even sometimes get in the way of the real joy of actually playing the game, it still adds some degree of depth and direction. Still, the game could do with an option to skip the story all-together and a level selection option after beating it to go back to your favorite planets. Leaving the story aside, flying through the different planets alongside your alien craft is quite an experience on Exo One. Headphones recommended.

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Jun 20, 2021

Sharpen your pitchforks and dust off your CV, there is a new opening in Hell. Hell Architect: Prologue brings a little taste of what the full game, scheduled to be released sometime this year, is all about. Will this tease manage to build up an early fan base or will Hell have to freeze over first?

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