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7 / 10.0 - The Falconeer
Apr 1, 2021

I truly enjoyed my time creating this The Falconeer review but I couldn’t end it without further mentioning the art and overall world and environment from the oceans and what’s beneath them to what’s inbetween the stars created by Tomas Sala and finalized by the Wired Productions team.

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7.3 / 10.0 - Skater XL
Mar 28, 2021

Overall, for my Skater XL review I’d say the game absolutely delivers in reviving the genre and simultaneously being something new all on its own and it even includes a killer soundtrack to really get you into the groove. A small studio putting in the amount of work necessary to not only make this game beyond fun and true to the cores of skateboarding is nothing short of incredible. At times, the movement does feel a little fixed but only to the extent of doing exactly what it takes to fulfill a challenge, I’ve noticed, but other than that and one or two smaller details I believe the game is quite smooth.

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6.6 / 10.0 - Donut County
Feb 15, 2021

Overall, Donut County is an absolutely wonderful time all the way through with a few surprising twists thrown at you. From the first hole to the final part of the game and even the end credits, Donut County will stay as one of the most memorable and original games I’ve played and thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end.

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