Kevin Mwenda

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Jan 20, 2022

Century: Age of Ashes looks stunning. The dragons, their skins, the eggs, and the maps are well modeled. The maps specifically are large and have tons of room and areas to explore, areas which can be used to one's advantage in the game. The game's weekly challenges are not averagely hard to complete. Spoils of War offers the most replayability in the game since it involves teamwork and having a working strategy to win the game. Despite this, the game suffers from poor matchmaking where people as high as level fifty are seen in the same matches as people below level ten. For instance, I've been matched with three level 50 in Gates of Fire, and it was the fastest and most frustrating game I ever played. This problem is seen in all game modes and could use some adjusting. The other thing is not a problem, but the game has a high skill gap where I had to rely on various YouTube channels that helped me improve on my movement, and tracking in-game. It takes a lot of practice, where it is common to see level 20 to 30 players with more losses than wins.

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