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Nov 2, 2022

Every good cult member knows how it is always better to be the one ringing the bell than it is to be the one opening the door. In this way Honey, I Joined a Cult opens the way forward to a wonderfully engrossing management sim with more gameplay options than it rightfully ought to have. Even though it does not bring much new gameplay to the table, it offers enough through engrossing management and a brilliant 70s aesthetic to keep players engaged for hours of addictive play.

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Essential - Cult of the Lamb
Oct 10, 2022

Cult of the Lamb is a veritable “standout title” providing a solid first impression, one which eventually grows into a fun, addictive and enthralling journey from beginning to end – thanks to the mixture of genres keeping the game fresh. Overall, the game is so much more than just the sum of its parts. Whether joy is derived from exploring the dungeon or preferring to expand and manage the cult, each aspect is compelling and dense enough to remain exciting and surprising – even after many hours of play time. It might be too on the nose to refer to Cult of the Lamb as a ‘cult classic’, but this is precisely the impression the game imbues on those who play.

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Avoid - Dolmen
Jul 21, 2022

During Dolmen’s preview period, gamers walked away from the experience with a sense of hope and anticipation for what the full release would deliver. Unfortunately, the final game feels vastly unfinished, and is plagued by tendrils of brilliant ideas; all of which are haphazardly executed; resulting in a frustrating title providing very little enjoyment or reward for the engagement it requires.

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