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7 / 10 - Paperbound
Apr 18, 2015

The best way to determine whether Paperbound is for you is by answering one simple question: can you assemble a group of people to play video games with on a regular occasion? If the answer's yes, then put this on your watch list; it's a fun and fulfilling casual brawler that will provide solid afternoons of multiplayer action. If not, then you should probably consider closing the book on your interest in this.

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5 / 10 - Omega Quintet
Apr 16, 2015

Compile Heart's first foray onto Sony's shiny new system shows occasional glints of brilliance, but they're few and far between

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6 / 10 - Hand of Fate
Feb 16, 2015

Hand of Fate comes so close to being something really special – an unexpected concoction of genres and ideas that meshes together superbly to create a really fun experience that's both involving and rewarding, at least in short bursts. But, unfortunately, its potential is cut short by a lack of options and awkward third-person game segments that should really know better.

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