Endless Zone

The Eccentric Ape, Sega

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Endless Zone

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General Information

Available on:PCOct 17, 2020

Developer: The Eccentric Ape

Publisher: Sega

Genres: Action, Arcade

Waaaaay back -- before Endless Legend, before Dungeon of the Endless -- Opbot was just another Field Surgeon and Organ Recovery Specialist in the Mezari military. Then, one day, something happened... and Opbot found themself on the run. In a stolen escape pod (with, fortunately, several gun emplacements), they will attempt to flee the Mezari empire, escape the tendrils of the Unfallen, avoid getting eaten by Cravers, and find a way out of a temporary breach into the Riftborn universe! For SEGA's 60th anniversary, we're putting our favorite android through the wringer in homage to one of our favorite SEGA console games: Fantasy Zone. Opbot got stuck in the Endless Zone. Can you get them out?

Endless Zone Critic Reviews

I cannot complain that much about Endless Zone, though. It has flaws, of course, but as a free game, it’s certainly worth your while. As a brand new take on the classic Fantasy Zone series, it’s also a cause for celebration.

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