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Founder / writer at WayTooManyGames. Retro gaming dumpster diver. Plays plastic gaming guitars better than real ones. Owns an Ouya and never turned it on.
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Nov 23, 2020

The obvious recommendation is to enjoy Planet Coaster on a PC, the way the game was meant to be played. Mod support and the easier usage of mouse and keyboard on PC make that version way more enjoyable and user-friendly than this PS5 port. But that doesn’t mean Planet Coaster: Console Edition is bad. Far from it. I had a blast with this version.

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Nov 22, 2020

As it stands, this is a stupidly gorgeous PS4 game receiving a few new buffs due to the PS5’s hardware, but it’s still the same Devil May Cry 5 from 2019, through and through. It’s still one of the, if not the best hack ‘n’ slash games ever made, however. It’s still the same over-the-top madness I fell in love with last year, so it’s still well worth your time. A worthy launch title for the PS5, that’s for certain.

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Nov 20, 2020

That being said, this is one of the best Tetris multiplayer experiences I’ve played in years. It’s not only catered towards those with a vague notion of how this game works, but also those beautiful lunatics like myself, those who follow the Classic Tetris World Championship to a borderline religious degree. I would love to see Tetris Effect: Connected become an esport staple in the near future.

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Nov 18, 2020

The first two games might have aged a bit and Serious Sam 3 is nowhere near as entertaining as the other two. But all in all, the Serious Sam Collection is a worthy addition to your Switch library if you’re looking for some FPS action on-the-go. Their arcade-like mentality, insane action, decent performance (SS3 aside, of course) and short levels are actually a perfect fit for a portable system.

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As a cynical adult, I obviously find Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups Save Adventure Bay to be one of the most basic gaming experiences I’ve had in years. But I am not its core audience. When you assess it through the eyes of a toddler, this is actually a pretty decent game.

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Nov 16, 2020

Give it up to Sega and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio for actually making the impossible work like a charm. Yakuza: Like a Dragon is more than just a great transition to a brand new JRPG environment. It might as well be one of the best Yakuza games ever made, and one of the best JRPGs I’ve played in years. Once you get rid of an admittedly slow start, you’ll be greeted a fantastic story, great combat system, relatable characters, and a ludicrous, borderline insane amount of content.

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4 / 10.0 - XIII
Nov 13, 2020

The XIII remake is best described as absolutely incompetent. A game from 2020 shouldn’t look, play, sound, and perform worse than a 2003 title that wasn’t even that hardware demanding back in the day to begin with. I am baffled with how unfinished and unpolished this game is. I may have played worse games this year, but I seriously doubt any of them, be it Fast & Furious or Road Bustle, infuriated me as much as this remake. The more I play it, the more I loathe it.

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Nov 13, 2020

Sackboy isn’t as big or complex as other Sony exclusives, and that’s great. After playing countless of serious and mature titles, a smaller, less serious, and more family friendly platformer is exactly what I wanted from them. A palate cleanser of sorts in order to get ready for the next generation of consoles.

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7 / 10.0 - Dustoff Z
Nov 11, 2020

Dustoff Z is pretty simple and straightforward. It’s a short but fun arcade experience that isn’t going to make a lasting impact, but still manages to be entertaining in short bursts. I don’t exactly think I would have enjoyed this game at all had I played anywhere else but on the Switch, but that portable system ended up being a perfect fit for a title like this.

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3.5 / 10.0 - Speed 3: Grand Prix
Nov 10, 2020

Is there any silver lining in here? Well, the soundtrack doesn’t fit at with the game’s overall vibe, but it isn’t terrible, and there are some unlockable vehicles in here. But that would mean playing the game for a longer period of time just to get something definitely not worth the hassle. Speed 3: Grand Prix is a disaster. It’s ugly, its controls feel unfinished, it lacks content, and most importantly of all, it’s just not fun.

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