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Fishing: North Atlantic

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Oct 16, 2020 - PC
6.5 / 10
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2.5 / 10
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Fishing: North Atlantic - Release Trailer - OUT NOW!

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Critic Reviews for Fishing: North Atlantic


6.5 / 10.0

Overall Fishing: North Atlantic should scratch any deep sea fishing simulator itch you may have. I felt the degree of difficulty was quite higher than I would have liked overall and the tutorial felt very bare-bones and could've done with more parts popping up as I acquired different gear or ships or crew, etc. I liked what I played, but felt it was made for those who enjoy harder sim type games.

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While pretty well every fishing game on Switch has been pretty bad, at least most were playable. This is not

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This is a very realistic fishing simulator, and it takes time and patience. Being a simulator, that is expected and perfectly fine. You just need to know what you are getting yourself into here. You realistically travel around (for better or worse). You have to manage resources. And the act of fishing itself can be drawn out. It's a fishing simulator that is about as real as you can get. From the sights and sounds of the ocean all around you, to the day-to-day tasks of a real fisherman, it brings together a whole experience of fishing that is worthy of matching up with just about any other fishing simulator out there.

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