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Haydee 2

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General Information

Available on:PCNov 23, 2020

Developer: Haydee Interactive

Publisher: Haydee Interactive

Genre: Action

Haydee II, like its predecessor, is a game about a female protagonist locked in a strange complex with no clue of what’s going on or how to get out. It is another maze of 6 themed sections and 160 rooms filled with enemies, puzzles and hidden items, where your only friends are your gun, your wits and item management. It is you against the challenge. You either give up or accept it. The choice is yours. THIS GAME WILL NOT GIVE YOU: Any clue or direction from the narrator Interactive maps Autosaves or checkpoints Health regeneration Objective markers Enough ammo or health kits Enough inventory space Mercy But it will give you mods and an editor. Good luck with your journey!

Haydee 2 Critic Reviews


8 / 10

Yes, the main character is über-sexy, and that makes it hard to pay attention to everything else. Look past the giant boobs, though, and you'll discover something great here - plus some giant boobs, obviously. This is actually an awesome action-adventure, with a fantastic survival horror atmosphere, and an intriguing setting - one that offers a fantastic balance between unrelenting difficulty, and plain, old-school fun. It's important to note that it is different than the original in some ways, and that may anger fans, but this sequel mostly feels like an improvement. All in all, a very big recommendation, especially if tired of modern gaming "trends."

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