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Heroes of Loot

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchDec 8, 2020
PlayStation VitaSep 22, 2015
PCMay 25, 2015

Developer: Orange Pixel

Publisher: Orange Pixel

Genres: RPG, Action, Arcade

Heroes of Loot combines the action of twin-stick shooters with the dungeon crawling of rogue-likes. You’ll find yourself in the middle of hordes of ghosts, skulls, cyclops, critters and much more.. survive using quick reflexes, level up to improve your weapon, and if you have time complete some quests for extra loot and upgrades. Heroes of Loot get’s a lot of the inspiration from the original 80’s classic Gauntlet games, combined with Robotron and Smash-TV style gameplay. There are various secrets to uncover, hidden rooms full of special items to find, and perma-items to find and collect for extra power. So, how deep into the dungeon can you go? Play it alone, or with a co-op buddy.. just be sure to share the loot, healing potions, weapons, and shields… …or not, and sacrifice your buddy for your own gain !

Heroes of Loot Critic Reviews

Heroes of Loot is a very fun game for those looking for some frenzied dungeon action on the go. However, be prepared for many frustrating moments and an overall brief expedition into the abyss.

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Heroes of Loot is a simple fun arcade gameplay to play in those short gaming bursts alone or with a friend. While there’s not much more depth to its design sometimes simple is all some gamers need.

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