The First Friend

Alexander Westwater, Alexander Westwater

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The First Friend

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General Information

Available on:PCDec 10, 2020

Developer: Alexander Westwater

Publisher: Alexander Westwater

Genres: Adventure, Simulation

You wake up in your cabin surrounded by a majestic world. You go to see your best buddy Zack, but he's missing. Where did he go? Why did he run off? Journey across different landscapes and leave no stone unturned during your search for your best friend. Along the way, you can discover old buried artifacts that reveal forgotten memories of you and Zacks Past, Present and Future. The First Friend is a First person exploration game. Delve into the personal story of you and Zack as you traverse beautiful terrains and discover the forgotten truth that is buried away deep inside. KEY FEATURES Created by a one-man team, The First Friend offers a deep, personal story that deals with the joys and heartaches of life, going through disappointments and realizations of an unforgiving world, with one light keeping you from despair. An emotional soundtrack that pulls at your heartstrings by Myuu. The First Friend is a peaceful and relaxing experience allowing you to play at your own pace without any interruptions. Search for your best friend as you uncover buried memories that reveal stories that demonstrate a life lesson that you would not soon forget. A short but moving experience (about 1 - 2 hours) focused on story and exploration.

The First Friend Critic Reviews

I quite enjoyed my peaceful afternoon with The First Friend, seeing life through someone else’s eyes and discovering meaning in both the traumatic and the mundane. The First Friend acts as a lovely palate cleanser in-between longer titles, a wonderful reset button to recharge the spirit. With gorgeous visuals and a calming soundtrack, The First Friend is a beautiful walking simulator that makes wandering around aimlessly an enjoyable experience. If you can relate to the powerful bond between a child and their first pet, be sure to check out The First Friend today.

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