16 Bit Nights, Restless Corp, cavalie_ro
Aug 4, 2017 - Nintendo Switch, PC
Pure Nintendo
5 / 10
3 / 5
Nindie Spotlight
6.7 / 10
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TAURONOS | Official Switch Trailer thumbnail

TAURONOS | Official Switch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for TAURONOS

TAURONOS it's just a game that I could not get into. The puzzles seemed dull and very uncomplex. It felt more like a game that I had played on a mobile device years ago, not a game releasing on a console. Whether I am taking my Switch on the go or playing in my living room, there are many other games I'd rather play.

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TAURONOS on Xbox is a game that I have enjoyed playing, particularly due to its old-school visuals and fascinating take on the old great myth. I like the idea of being stalked by one creature and experiencing a hero’s strange journey to escape the maze. However, some of the traps are utterly unforgiving and having to restart the game from the beginning makes things tiresome.

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With its top-down perspective and pretty minimalist look there's not much of a foundation for excitement with Tauronos, so ideally the thrills will come with the fight for survival...

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