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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchDec 3, 2020
PCAug 4, 2017

Developers: 16 Bit Nights, cavalie_ro

Publisher: Restless Corp

Genres: Simulation, Puzzle, Horror

Trapped inside an ancient labyrinth, chased by the mythical Minotaur. Will you reach the center? And if so, what will you discover about yourself there, in the dark? There is but one enemy... But it is the unbeatable Minotaur. Only by exploring the maze of the Labyrinth can you hope to discover how to defeat this immortal monster. The great maze has many tools, many rewards, and many secrets just waiting for you to find them. But you can’t waste your precious time, for the Minotaur is getting ever closer. Dark Flavour The game is inspired by the Greek myth of the labyrinth and the fight between Theseus and the Minotaur. The dark theme is visually expressed by retro pixel art, enriched by voice acting and metaphorical storytelling, creating (we hope) a thrilling atmosphere. The Labyrinth The journey has 6 chapters - each with its own specific challenges, patterns, and rewards. A total of 42 stages, 5 skill upgrades - each with 3 levels, 3 hidden upgrades, 2 unique upgrades, secret passages and Easter eggs. And, why not ? a custom map editor that will challenge your creativity (and patience), where you can unlock more content based on your progress in the main story. Fair Warning This game is not a rogue-like dungeon crawler, but rather an experience which will ultimately give you the answer to the question: dare you know yourself? Of course, you can simply see it as a guilty pleasure arcade game, just take note: permadeath is unforgiving.

TAURONOS Critic Reviews

TAURONOS it's just a game that I could not get into. The puzzles seemed dull and very uncomplex. It felt more like a game that I had played on a mobile device years ago, not a game releasing on a console. Whether I am taking my Switch on the go or playing in my living room, there are many other games I'd rather play.

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TAURONOS on Xbox is a game that I have enjoyed playing, particularly due to its old-school visuals and fascinating take on the old great myth. I like the idea of being stalked by one creature and experiencing a hero’s strange journey to escape the maze. However, some of the traps are utterly unforgiving and having to restart the game from the beginning makes things tiresome.

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