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Apr 7, 2020 - Nintendo Switch, PC
Pure Nintendo
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OctaFight Media

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OctaFight (Nintendo Switch, ESRB)

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Critic Reviews for OctaFight

OctaFight is a good-looking multiplayer arcade game with fun music and a unique art style. However, unless you have up to eight friends on your couch, you'll soon get bored after a handful of rounds.

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OctaFight while it can be initially fun and having great music, the game really depends on having people to play with locally and in this time of social distancing that has made it pretty hard since there is no single player.

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As an action-packed experience, OctaFight does a good job, even if its heavily pixellated art style can make things confusing sometimes. Where OctaFight loses its appeal is in its limited format - the only way to play this game is in local multiplayer, with no single player or online multiplayer included. Not only this makes options very narrow for many players, it's also impossible to understand in the context of reinforcing public health measures against the pandemic.

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