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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchJan 15, 2021

Developer: Benoit Varasse

Publisher: Pix Arts

Genres: Sports, Simulation

Whether you are a Curling fan or you want to discover a new sport game, you'll enjoy playing Curling in its one player game or local multiplayer game . Curling has beed designed to be as close as possible to reality while providing best gameplay. With this game, you'll be able to: - Tune finely stones direction, force and spin - Sweep to influence stone speed and direction - Play Against 3 AI Levels - Play multiplayer with friends and family on same device (local 2 players game) Time to compete!

Curling Critic Reviews

I do feel bad for having all these criticisms of Curling. The sense I get from it is that the developer genuinely wanted to give players a decent simulation of the sport, and focused all their efforts and limited resources on the on-ice action. They actually delivered something that's genuinely enjoyable and accurate to the sport. Unfortunately, there's the complete lack of anything supporting the on-ice action has left this feeling more like a tech demo than a completed game. But who knows? Perhaps this will actually sell enough that a Curling 2 can deliver a more rounded product.

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