VR Pigeons

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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftDec 10, 2020

Developer: Maestro Pivetta

Publisher: VRKiwi (Mekiwi)

Genres: Simulation, Arcade

All the world’s a rooftop, And all the men and women merely pigeons. Use the power of VR and absolutely unique movement controls to slip into your pigeon-self! Go out into the world and find a rooftop. Wait for the granny to throw some bread. Eat as much bread as possible! BREAD IS LIFE! How to become the ultimate VR Pigeon: • Channel to your inner Pigeon. Bob your head like a pigeon in order to move around and interact with your world • Unlock and discover four different levels • Protect your bread from other pigeons • Use power-ups and map shortcuts to be faster than other pigeons • Your pigeon enemies come in different shapes, avoid unnecessary conflicts!

VR Pigeons Critic Reviews

This is a short title but one that is still a lot of fun. It's a Go exclusive so don't expect too much and you'll be happy with it.

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